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Weed wackers are a very handy and yet useful device used to cut through unwanted weeds and shrubs overgrowing on lawns. It is not just used to kill weeds it is also used to edge the grass along the different edges you might have in your yard. It is also referred to as the weed eater or string trimmer.  It is much easier and faster to use than manually doing the trimming with the use of garden scissors, especially when maintain extensive terrains.

A great and indispensable advantage of a weed eater is that it can also be used for trimming the edges of the lawn and mowing, not only for removing under growths.  Overgrowth of grass and shrubs can be a very troublesome sight for a lawn owner and you neighbors. It is a necessity that every home owner or garden keeper has a handy gardening tool to maintain the lawn well trimmed. A must-have tool for a lawn is a weed wacker.

There are several more things you can do with weed wackers.  (Disclaimer do not try this at home)  You can take them apart and make yourself a home made scooter.  You can add it to the back of a boat and take the special someone on the date you have always wanted to be asked out on!  You can do some fun sword fighting with them!  The things you can do a with new or used weed wackers is endless!  Feel free to email us any more great ideas that you have too!

Choosing a Weed Wacker

Finding the weed wacker or weed eater that would best suit the property is one essential question to ask when considering buying a weed eater, because of the expense and investment this is for a homeowner. This is just one thing any buyer should keep in mind when purchasing the right kind of one for their lawn.

The quality of the it lies on its durability, power and price. A good type of grass trimmer that can last long depends on the right combination of these three features. Ignoring one of these qualities may lead the buyer into a poor quality choice that may eventually break down in the long run.

For more information about the specifications of the desired weed wacker, the prospective buyer may visit any local department store or hardware in order to have an informed decision as to what kind of product you might be interested in buying from us!  Remember to do your research before just buying any old weed eater!


  • Size. It is important that the weed wacker should have a shaft that is adjustable for any kind of user, this may be tall or short.
  • Power. The capacity of the weed eater to handle tough jobs depends on its power.
  • Price. The allotted budget for the tool is essential when considering what kind of one to buy.

Safety Tips

There are a great number of cases of users who end up injuring themselves due to unsafe operating practices of weed wackers all over the world. Eye injury is the most common type of injury caused by propelled debris from the rotating monofilament line. Following these few safety tips can prevent further serious threats from using a weed wacker.

  • Reading the manufacturer’s manual on how to operate the grass trimmer is one of the most basic safety measures.
  • Stones, sticks, sharp objects or any kind if such debris should be cleared out first before starting cutting.
  • Wear tight and long sleeved shirts and tie hair securely in a bun in order to avoid getting jammed with the machine’s rotating parts.
  • Wear a thick pair of boots and long pants to avoid chances of injuring the leg when the user loses control over the it.
  • Wear goggles as eye protectors and a pair of working gloves to shield your eyes and hands.
  • In case somebody is 30 to 60 feet close to the vicinity, stop the engine quickly to reduce chances of injuries due to flying debris.
  • Keep the cutting part of the weed wacker at waist level.
  • When making any repairs or modifications to the tool, first disconnect the engine from the spark plug wire.
  • Loose belts and dysfunctional guards should be checked.
  • Use the accurate mixture of fuel if using a gas powered grass trimmers.
  • After using, keep the weed wacker in a safe place in order to avoid any damage to the unit.
  • Make sure to just be careful and do not do anything stupid!
If you need some more information on weed wackers or safety tips go here and you can learn lots more.


We also have a great selection of rototillers for sale. If you are looking for a rototiller you can find them here. We also have some great tips on ways to find and buy the rototiller that you need. We are always adding to our selection. Let us know if there are other products you would like us to add to our site.

Weed Wacker Store

The mission of this website is to inform the buyers of weed wackers as to making wise decisions for their product purchases. By providing adequate and useful information about the them, the buyers will be given the chance to make informed choices as to what and when to buy. A very beneficial advice for the buyer is for them to check out prices and specifications of grass trimmer products sold in their local hardware and department stores. By doing so you will know which model and product is best fitted for you on our website. Prices online may be a lot cheaper but in this way they can compare and weigh the qualities of the products before buying.

We sincerely hope our website has been of great help in choosing a great weed eater that is just right for you. Please feel free to contact or learn about us. Happy hunting buyers!

Pleases let us know if there is anything else we can do to improve our site. We want to make it the best we can for you. When you save on money we make money too.  Let us know of any ideas or things you would like us to add to the store.  Enjoying finding out more about weed wackers and shopping here today!

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